Heute von „Sünde“ sprechen / nicht sprechen?

Praktisch-theologische Untersuchungen im Kontext von Kirche, Sonderschule und Jugendgefängnis

[= Are we to speak of “sin“ today, or not? Practical-theological enquiries in the context of church, special schools, and juvenile detention homes]

(co-author: Erna Zonne:)
Münster (LIT) 2009, 101 pp., series: Praktische Theologie interdisziplinär Bd. 2.

The theologian who wants to speak a timely word about sin and forgiveness should know what thoughts, feelings, and behaviour this evokes in modern hearers. The authors, practical theologians, explore and debate three examples (from the liturgy, a school for special education, and a juvenile detention home).