Glaubenssicherheit und Wunschverleugnung als Themen religionspädagogischer Kritik.

[= The certainty of faith and the denial of personal wishes as themes of a religio-pedagogical critique]

46 pp., Oldenburger Universitätsreden  [= Oldenburg university lectures] Nr. 153, BIS Oldenburg 2004

This small book is made up of two studies. The first takes a critical look at the subject of ‘certainty of faith’ by orking out some aspects of a postmodern religio-pedagogical Bultmann-reception which until now has not taken place.
The second investigates prayers that were written by adults for children and young people. From the perspectives of the pedagogics of religion and the psychology of religion it is made clear that prayers that ask for something not seldom have the function of denying the wishes of those who pray.