Prof. Dr. Heye Heyen

Professor of practical theology in Brussels (Belgium).
Private university teacher of pedagogics of religion in Oldenburg (Germany).
Self-employed logotherapist (meaning-centered psychotherapist) in Oldenburg (Germany)   

Prof. Dr. Heye Heyen is a professor at the Faculty of Protestant Theology at Brussels (Belgium). He has devoted himself to teaching and research in the field of practical theology, focusing on pastoral care, pastoral psychology, and homiletics.

He is affiliated with Oldenburg university as a private teacher (“Privatdozent”). His lectures and researches in the field of pedagogics of religion pay special attention to the theme ‘religion in biography’.

He is a member of the German Society for Pastoral Psychology, section depth psychology: counselor and supervisor.

He holds the European Certificate for Psychotherapy and is authorized to work as a therapist in that field.

Before this he served as minister in local churches, as hospital chaplain (psychiatry), and as a self-employed therapist.